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PREMIERE: Edward R.’s Towering New Single “Who’s Going To Love You”

If you’ve not heard the name Edward R. before, that’s likely going to change before too long. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, the young singer-songwriter struck gold on his breakthrough single last year Wolves And The Water, a wholly uplifting, singalong journey of a song that sounds like an amplified off-cut from Bon Iver’s self-titled. Today, Edward R. follows up that stellar effort with a brand new single in the stunning Who’s Going To Love You ahead of his EP landing in October.

Opening with a sweetly lilting piano riff and leading into percussion that resonates in your ears like steady claps of thunder, Who’s Going To Love You commands the same kind of grand stage Edward R. planted a flag in on Wolves And The Water immediately. It’s a festival ballad in every sense of the idea, the age old post-breakup sentiment of the soaring chorus in “who’s gonna love you now?” just made for raised fists and a swell of audience vocals behind it.

The Bon Iver comparisons (and they are favourable) don’t stop at mere sonics, like Wolves And The Water, Who’s Going To Love You was recorded in solitude by Edward R. in a tiny farm cabin. Where other artists might confine their sound to the cramped and creaky interior of that cabin, Edward R.’s booms out from it in every direction on Who’s Going To Love You”, his towering vocal range on full display over choruses that build to glorious peaks that increase in height each time.

Accompanying the track is a brand new visual, capturing the isolation with which the track was recorded, it features Edward R. enjoying a night in by the record player, and warping it with stop-start photography that quivers backwards and forwards in mesmerising juxtaposition with a song that crashes like a waterfall in endless fluidity. You can watch the video for Who’s Going To Love You below:

There is so much promise on display here and if Edward R. can continue to harness the kind of evocative energy he has infused Who’s Going To Love You with, his name is set to skyrocket in public awareness. By all counts thus far, it certainly deserves to.

Who’s Going To Love You Now is available now via We Are Golden & Create/Control.

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