PLAYLIST: The Sounds of Spring

Spring has officially sprung, so take off that dusty old jumper, suck in that delicious pollen and groove your way through that hayfever haze with some killer tunes that are sure to put a SPRING in your step. Yep, we said that. This warm weather has got us feeling so good that bad puns can’t even bring us down.

If it’s bright, jangly, toe tapping and sparkly, then we want it in our ears as the flowers start to bloom and the birds start to sing. New and old with everything from The Beatles to Porter Robinson to the smooth vibes of reggae queens Althea and Donna: this spring sounds like laying in the grass with a girl in a cute floral dress.

Go and enjoy it for approximately four days before the stifling heat of summer hits for real. If sunshine and lollipops and rainbows everywhere aren’t exactly your idea of a fun time and you want to relive the bitter chill of the last three months again, you can check out our icy cold winter playlist.

Image: Reddit