Hopsin Opens Up About His Mental Health After Arrest in Australia

Los Angeles rapper Hopsin has opened up about his mental health in an Instagram post following a recent arrest over an unknown matter while he is in Australia. After posting this to Facebook earlier this morning:

Hopsin then took to his Instagram to give further details in a post that is just heartbreaking and incredibly worrying to read.

Just got out of FUCKin jail…over some total bullshit. They’re really bout to ban me from Australia now 😞😞 this shit fuckin sucks man. I hesitate to post whats really goin down in my life, so I hide it with my cool pictures. Shit ain’t really that pretty over here at all. You guys may ask “why take it to social media”, but youguys are all I got. Since 14 I slaved away for the music and fan base and now music is all I have. That’s just the cards I was dealt. I fell into a dark hole that I haven’t been able to get out of. Im a master at glorifying my pain, but pain isn’t never good. Im only writing this right now because it’s making me feel better for the time being. Maybe it is so I can get sorrow. I don’t know. I can’t see myself ever doing it, but I actually wanna literally die. Like literally. My funeral would be a blessing for me right now. I’m the emotional rapper, I know. Make fun of me. Do as you please. I can’t change the way I am. This may be a moment that I look back on and laugh, but right now, I’m not laughing. What would make a 31 year old man cry on a daily basis? Being rich as hell, successful with no love around him. that’s a first class ticket on air robin Williams. I ain’t goin nowhere tho. I might have to disappear soon and take some time to myself.

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We know that Hopsin was in Sydney this week but no details are available at this time on why he was arrested and we won’t comment or speculate on the situation there. What Hopsin’s comments do shine a light on is the hugely overlooked issue of mental health in the music industry. Selena Gomez provided some astounding insight last week after being bombarded with negativity when she was in rehab for chemotherapy and Hopsin’s post here is in the same vein.

It’s difficult to read this, Hopsin admitting he has hidden behind a public persona for so long, that he has glorified his pain in an effort to numb it, that he is crying on a daily basis and that he finds himself in such a dark place at the moment. His unflinching ruminations about his own death are the most troubling part of the whole post.

Highlighting mental illness is always important, and we hope Hopsin gets the help he needs to get back on track.