LISTEN: Your First Real Taste of Run The Jewels 3

Run The Jewels have finally unveiled a preview of the first official track off Run The Jewels 3, an album we’ve been hanging for ever since, well, since Run The Jewels 2. 

The track is titled Panther Like a Panther. It comes to you by way of the soundtrack the Gears of War 4 trailer soundtrack, an upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 game, featuring an updated five-person multiplayer mode, Horde 3.0. Not only will their music feature in the game when it premieres on October 11, but you can actually play both Killer Mike and El-P as characters within the game.

Studio Head at The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, explained that “Run the Jewels was on heavy rotation when we started laying the groundwork for the next era of Gears back in 2014, and has been there ever since.”

It’s a pretty massive coup for the game to score the album’s first full song – and they couldn’t be happier. “The fact that two career artists came together as a group to create something so special – a rarity in modern hip-hop – are things that Gears fans will immediately recognise and appreciate. We’re proud to have Run the Jewels as a part of the Gears of War family.”

El-P himself gives the trailer’s rating announcement before the action kicks in. The track is heavy and aggressive, with a forward-marching rhythm. The beats aligns with machine gun fire and other sound effects throughout, simultaneously adding to the intensity of the scene and the music. Basically it’s everything we’ve hoped for as we’ve been following the pair’s progression with RTJ3, mostly seen through snippets on social media.

This album and this game look amazing. Bring it on.

Find more info, images, limited edition new merchandise and more at RTJ’s official website.

“Being raunchy and sexual is not offensive.” – Read our interview with Run The Jewels

Image: Supplied