Drake is Fighting for Lil Wayne’s Artistic Freedom

Lil Wayne has repeatedly worried his fans throughout the past few months. From multiple hospitalisations, apparently due to suffering from seizures (possibly related to his addiction to lean), and this weekend he posted a harrowing message to social media, tweeting that he’s “defenseless and mentally defeated.” The exact cause for this message is unknown, but considering his health problems, as well as his ongoing legal battles with labels Young Money and Universal Music Group.

Many other artists have voiced their support, including Chance the Rapper and Young Thug. Since posting those tweets, Weezy also appeared on stage at a Drake concert in Houstin, at which he proclaimed (not for the first time), “Fuck Cash Money.” Wayne’s ongoing legal issues with the label; just last month, courtroom setbacks were reported for his fight against both Cash Money and its parent label Universal Music Group, all in all leading to ongoing delays with Tha Carter V.

Drake, who owes Lil Wayne a LOT for the support he gave to his early career, has now voiced his strong support for the rap legend by way of an Instagram post:

It’s sobering to see all this dirty laundry aired out in public, to see the setbacks preventing artists from releasing their art. Particularly considering the rise of incredibly successful independent artists (namely Chance the Rapper and more recently Frank Ocean), the once-hidden cracks and crooks within the relationships between artist and label continue to grow. We can only hope that Lil Wayne finds the strength to maintain mental, and physical health as the fight continues.

Image: Rap-up