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Beyoncé Stopping Concert Midway For a Proposal is THE BEST

When it comes to proposals, lovebirds tend to go above and beyond the call of duty. Some even take take it public, proposing during concerts, sports events and the like. I’ve always been a little unsure about the concept of proposing on stage at a concert in front of thousands of strangers, but sometimes it just seems perfect.

Footage has just emerged of Beyoncé stopping one of her own concerts midway through a performance of (obviously) Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

Now, usually if an on-stage proposal is about to happen, the artist will just stand band and watch the couple. Not Beyoncé. She stops the song and tells the audience that she’s bringing someone out on stage. She continues to hype them up, rapturous applause getting louder and louder. Soon enough, she brings out the creative director of the Formation Tour, John Silver. He gives a little speech, directed at his partner and dance captain Ashley Everett, who has been dancing on stage with Bey.

Surely enough, he drops the knee, in what has to be one of the most heartwarming onstage proposals ever. Yeah, sure, a private moment in front of thousands of strangers is a little unusual, but if you’re a backup dancer and a tour director for Beyoncé, it only feels appropriate.

To top it off, they launch back into the track right after, showing off Everett’s new rock as part of the dance choreography!

Anyway, just a little piece of “awwww” for your Monday morning.

Watch below:

Image: Youtube