Aphex Twin Playing First USA Show in 8 Years

Aphex Twin doesn’t play live very often at all. His live performances have become as enigmatic and sought-after as the mysterious man himself, whose musical output is obscure, often brilliant and ever boundary-pushing.

While he’s barely played a handful of live shows over the past four or five years, the tides are now turning, with a confirmed US appearance taking place this December at Day for Night Festival in Houston, Texas. “We can indeed confirm Aphex Twin is performing at Day for Night,” said festival producer Omar Afra. “This is the second moon landing for Houston.”

Recently fans have been blessed by little bursts of extreme prolificness, almost to a fault, with hours of music – much of it unfinished – released in chunks on Soundcloud. What he might perform at a new live show, therefore, is anyone’s guess.

Aphex Twin released his first music video in a whopping seventeen years back in June. Coupled with the new live dates, it’s very well possible that more new music – perhaps in the form of an actual album this time – could be on its way. Our fingers and toes are crossed for a live appearance in Australia too.

His last major performance was at Glastonbury Festival in 2014. He last visited Australia for two headline shows in 2012, and to play the now-defunct Future Music Festival back in 2011.

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Image: BBC