Young Thug’s Van Rushed by SWAT Team Following Pittsburgh Concert

Young Thug and Future may have made amends, but there was no shortage of drama over the weekend when a fully armed SWAT team rushed the Atlanta rapper’s van following a Pittsburgh concert.

According to TMZ the incident happened after venue security alerted local police that someone in Thug’s entourage was brandishing a firearm. Fortunately nobody was harmed, but video footage has emerged depicting several armed officers approaching the van in the venue’s parking lot. Drawing closer to the vehicle with guns drawn, it seems like the situation was poised for confirmation.

Yet despite the tense moments depicted in the clip, the altercation was resolved after four members of the crew revealed they did possess four firearms but that they were legally licensed.

This is far from the first time the artist has been involved in gun-related controversy. In 2015 Thug was implicated in the shooting of Little Wayne’s tour bus in April, although he was not charged with any criminal wrongdoing. In June he was briefly arrested in his Atlanta home after threatening to shoot a shopping mall’s director of security in the face. One of his security guards was also found shot dead in December.

According to The Washington Post there are an estimated 360 million firearms within the United States.

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