Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard Team up for ‘Hymn’

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def in most of our hearts) has released another song as Dec. 99th with Chicago-based producer Ferrari Sheppard.

The track, Hymn was released with the following statement from Bey, “Condolences to the families of the slain. Never stop pursuing freedom.” The song features Bey reciting a spoken word poem about life and death (This is what death can’t kill / This is what death can’t kill: life) over a groovy bass line.

Bey touches on how society has become numb to the violence in the world from watching too many violent videos on social media. “How many views when the blood ooze?” he asks. Hymn was released via TIDAL and is Dec. 99th’s first official single on the music streaming service. Complex notes, HYMN comes to us via the label AWGE which, is A$AP Rocky’s “small but secretive internal art direction team.” Dec. 99th have released a steady stream of tracks including: N.A.W., Tall Sleeves, and Local Time.

It seems that Bey still has a whole lot to say to follow through on his retirement from the music industry. Unless, Dec. 99th is his final album that he promised.

Check out Hymn on TIDAL.