Watch: Future’s Mini-Documentary “Future’s Reign”

Future and MTV have just dropped a mini-documentary called Future’s Reign. The doco is focused around Future’s recent Purple Reign tour, and shows fans a candid snapshot of what happened behind the scenes.

The doco starts out with a few testimonials from fans out the front of the concert venues Future is set to perform in. From there the ten minute documentary features Future further feeding his ego as he narrates clips of himself backstage, onstage, in strip clubs and on photo shoots, telling the viewers why is he so amazing.

This is obviously not out of character for any rapper let alone one who may have a stake in claiming he is the best. He is on the cover of GQ Style magazine with none other than Giorgio Armani.

“He’s the top designer in the world. I’m the top rapper in the world,” Future said in his GQ interview. “Some hits are going to come from this experience for sure.”

“I know how much he suffers to be where he is,” Armani said. “He’s suffered just like I’ve suffered. So…we’re friends in a way.”

Armani was right, there seems to be a deeper meaning behind a lot of what Future is saying in Future’s Reign. One of the more emotional moments comes in the rapper revealing how he missed his Aunty’s funeral because he couldn’t back out of a concert, because they threatened to sue him.

“It’s a dream, to come from where I come from and say you have a house in Beverly Hills,” he said. “But I’m not happy. This is not who I am.

“Being around my friends that love me, they see things that I can’t see, because when you up, they can still see the bottom,” he added. “And I just had a talk with myself, like, I’m not happy doing this. I’m not happy in this expensive car, riding around, lonely. Having nobody to really talk to. I need to go back home. If it was a time like this, and I was riding around lonely, I could just pull up to my grandma’s house and have her fix me something to eat.”

We might start to see a different Future come out in his songs. Maybe even get see a Future and Armani collab. You can watch Future’s Reign below.

Image: GQ