The Weeknd Donates $50,000 to University’s Ethiopic Studies Program

It’s always great to see artists or high profile celebrities giving back to their community, reshaping the youth who could one day go on to achieve the same greatness as them. Grammy award winning Toronto native Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd certainly sees it that way too, and has decided to make a huge donation to his hometown’s university.

Contributing $50,000 to the University of Toronto specifically for an Ethiopic studies program, Tesfaye doesn’t just care about his community, he also cares about his past and the ancestry of those around him. The Weeknd’s parents both emigrated from Ethiopia and therefore he obviously has strong ties to his origins.

The University were obviously amazed at the positive response they received when they reached out to the pop star asking for monetary help. Tam Gebeyehu, board member of the Bikila Award, those in charge of the Ethiopian studies said that it’s unbelievable. “He grew up in Toronto as an Ethiopian-Canadian, and now he’s giving back to the community. His donation helps us preserve our culture and share it with everyone else.”

It’s certainly an amazing cause for The Weeknd to have contributed to, and therefore, it’s a serious hat tip to the modern R&B king.

Image: Billboard