LISTEN: Syd From The Internet’s “Amazing” New Solo Track

Frank Ocean isn’t the only former Odd Future member who has dropped new music this past week! The Internet’s Syd (formerly Syd Tha Kyd) also released a new song, titled Amazing, seemingly for no real reason other than to bless us all a little more than she already has as of late. Though she’s obviously been busy with her main duties fronting neo soul collective The Internet, she’d been putting out solo material and lending her vocals to collaborations with other artists here and there as well.

This latest track starts pretty abruptly but is a continuation of the soul stylings that have become synonymous with The Internet over their three albums. We get Syd’s sweet serenade wafting over some very dreamy Dornik production. Throughout the song,  Syd professes her adoration for an unnamed woman – though it appears she isn’t the only one trying to win her heart. Syd pleads her case and shares her frustration with having to do so at all, insisting that she’s the right one and singing about how she wants to take this amazing woman to her favourite places and just spend some time with her.

With the song now out in the world, one wonders if she ever did get to actually tell her how amazing she thinks she is, and if they’re together now. It seems a bit of an open-ended tale, mainly exploring the shitty situation she’s found herself in of falling for someone who might not feel the same way.

Any which way, there’s no denying that this song is adding to the weighty pile of ex-Odd Future members (and Syd in particular, who had spent a lot of time behind the scenes as DJ, writer and mixer rather than front and centre) proving that their talents stretch far and wide in terms of genre and even medium (from music to fashion and everything in between) and that they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

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