Slayer’s Dave Lombardo to Join Misfits Reunion

Mixing sludgy punk and B-grade Horror, Misfits have continued to influence rock music for nearly four decades.

It’s already known that original members Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein would be reuniting the classic-era lineup for the first time since 1983 this September. This said, the trio have now announced that drummer Dave Lombardo will also be added to the reunion. After co-founding Slayer in 1981,the iconic drummer remained a longstanding member of the thrash metal outfit until parting ways in 2013.

“I first met Dave back in 1988 when Danzig did four shows with Slayer in the U.S., before the first Danzig album was released,” Danzig shared with Rolling Stone. “Dave is one of the best drummers around, and I can’t wait for everyone to see him pounding Misfits songs live for these special shows.”

Original bassist Jerry also praised Lombardo. “With the immensity of the two shows we’re planning together, the biggest decision we had was who is going to keep time and power this monster machine on drums? When Dave Lombardo’s name was thrown into the ring, Glenn and I were immediately on the same page from the very start; a good sign of things to come. I think the darker side of punk we created with the Misfits spawned the growth and evolution of punk into thrash, and sired bands like Metallica and Slayer, just as we inspired countless others in the punk revolution.”

While the reunion is currently only slated for the Canadian and US leg of the Riot Fest this September, it could bode well for a more permanent reconnection of the group’s original core. Yet with the percussive force behind such classics as Raining Blood, these are sure to be memorable shows regardless.

Image: The Wrap