Lorde Assures Nagging Fans That Her Album Is Finished

Apparently the recent rollercoaster surrounding Frank Ocean’s album release has infected music fans the world over with trust issues. Patience is a virtue that music fans clearly have trouble cultivating. It has been three years since NZ sensation Lorde released her debut album, Pure Heroine, and fans had started to despair of a follow up.

The young singer amassed a huge fan base with her addictive single Royals, and then her first record. But since 2013 there has been no follow up in recorded material, Lorde’s supporters have started to get a little pushy. However this week, one fan in particular did manage to elicit a solid response from Lorde, who confirmed that her sophomore album is written.

Responding to an Instagram post by the singer, showing Lorde enjoying a vacation, a follower commented “Do you think we will ever get another album or should we just give up on you as an artist?” The confrontational message received a similarly forthright response from Lorde herself, who hit back with the following:

Give up on me if you want to! I’m an artist, I write a record when I have enough special stories to tell, and it’s all me, every melody, every lyric, not some team who just start the machine up every eighteen months like clockwork. The record is written, we’re in the production stage now. I’ve worked like a dog for a year making this thing great for you guys.

That information seems to have more than pacified “gabatron9”, who backtracked just a touch with the following inspirational message; “just what I wanted to hear. I love and respect your talent so much. I just need your voice. You are one of the most talented musicians out there girl. You are the future. You are magic. Didn’t mean to offend in any way”. However, it hasn’t stopped other fans from carrying on the thread of demand.

This isn’t the first time that Lorde has personally responded to pushy messages from fans, asking her to release new music. In similar to fashion to the kind of messages going out to Frank Ocean last week, her followers told her stop tweeting about uber drivers and go finish her album.

Unlike Ocean however, Lorde usually pushes back. So unless you want a dressing down from the star, best not ask again.

Image: Metro Lyrics