London On Da Track Announces Collab Project “LondonBoomin” With Metro Boomin’

Late last year, London On Da Track and Metro Boomin’ teased the world with a couple of Tweets hinting they were thinking of teaming up for a collab project.

In a recent interview with Complex, London On Da Track said that the two producers are actually working on an album titled LondonBoomin’. London was very reserved with the details though, and when asked who else would be featured on the record simply said “can’t tell you.” There are no further details at the moment, but it seems last year’s Tweets were the real deal.

London also revealed that he has been in talks with Drake and has been in the studio with Nicki Minaj as well working on three or four songs with the star rapper that are more on the pop side than the rap side of music. Hopefully, he is helping her finish off the album she teased last year.

There is nobody in the industry he doesn’t talk to he said, except for Taylor Swift, who he would really, really like to work with.

Maybe we can expect Swift, Drake and Minaj to appear on LondonBoomin’? No matter who features on the upcoming project it will be very interesting to hear and see how a collaboration between two producers might work. It is not something we really see often in hip-hop and it could open the door to some pretty interesting avenues.

Image: XXL