Ta-ku x Wafia

Ta-ku and Wafia Drop New Single “Love Somebody”

Well here’s a nice bit of news! Perth-based producer Ta-ku and Brisbane-based singer Wafia are teaming up to present a joint EP. In the lead up to its release later this week, they’ve dropped one of the singles from the record. Love Somebody is set to be the final track on the five-track EP, and the pair have really done something special. If the entire EP follows this level of quality, consider me very excited.

The track is a really solid offering, with a mellow line of synths opening it, then kicking in with a more layered sound once the vocals enter. It’s got a very optimistic feel to it but it never devolves into giddiness, instead playing with a sense of maturity that it commendable. It’s a fantastic level of quality from Ta-ku and Wafia, so check it out below:

The pair have previously worked together on Meet In The Middle, which will also feature on the EP. The five-track release will be titled (m)edian and is set to drop this Friday (August 5). Wait a minute… that date sounds awfully familiar… oh. OH. Right. Well, my ears will be torn as to which to listen to first, but Ta-ku and Wafia have released two stunning singles so far, so their EP is beginning to sound very promising indeed.

Image: Matsu