Leikeli47 Returns on Swaggering New Single, “Money”

The mysterious Leikeli47 has returned to our music libraries with her new single Money. The masked rapper may have only just released an album last year, but it doesn’t mean she’s slowing down anytime soon.

Money’s funky, upbeat sound comes just in time as the weather starts to warm up again after what has been a chilly winter, and we’ll be pumping it out loud for all our neighbours to enjoy as we sit by the pool in no time. The sounds used in the melody provide texture as she raps over the top of it all.

It doesn’t distract from her confident lyrics and undeniable attitude. She name drops Hall Of Fame NBA players Kobe Bryant and Bill Russell describing herjourney to success; ”all my life I had to grind and hustle/I had to work like Kobe just to shine like Russell.”

The subject of the song, however, isn’t what it seems.

“‘Money’ isn’t about currency, it’s about the work. The phrase ‘I’m money’ or ‘I got money’ means I practice, it means I study, I’m confident, I’m that action and I’m results,” she said, as XXL reports.

She continues: “Real money don’t complain, we make it happen. Hard work and sacrifice can and will eventually lead you to whatever your version of the ‘good life’ is, but you gotta be money before you can see money.”

Be inspired by her words and listen to Money below:

Image: Billboard