Laura Marling’s New Project Champions Women in a Male-Dominated Music Industry

Laura Marling has begun a new project in which podcasts, photo diaries and studio recordings will be used to discuss the place of women in this male-dominated industry we are faced with in music, particularly the lack of female presence working behind the scenes in recording studios.

Titled Reversal Of The Muse, on the project’s official website, Marling explained how the project began with something as simple as a few conversations about female creativity. It soon, however, became so much more than that.

“In reversing the muse it became an experiment. As a small part of the global conversation about women in the arts, it became an obsession. It occurred to me that in ten years of making records I had only come across two female engineers working in studios,” she said. “Starting from my experience of being a woman I began to ask myself what difference it might have made had I had more women around, if any. I wanted to know why progress has been so slow in this area and what effect it would have on music,” she said.

There is so much evidence to prove that being a woman in the industry is not easy. Many female artists have spoken out about issues such as misogyny, the lack of equality and respect and the common instances of sexual assault and harassment. Some of these women include the Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry and Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves and Pitchfork’s Senior Editor Jessica Hopper, along with Grimes and Montaigne.

It’s good to see that this conversation has not stopped, because the issues are just as strong as ever. These brave women are pioneers in the fight against these issues. We need to listen to their words ensure that something is done. Thank you Laura for giving them this platform.

Listen to the first installment of Marling’s podcast with HAIM, who performed at the Women In Music Benefit in May, below.

Image: The Music