Kings Of Leon Have Announced Album #7

It’s that time of the decade again where alt. rock fans stop what they are doing and wait with bated breath: a new Kings Of Leon record is on its way.

Since releasing 2013’s above average but not gripping Mechanical Bull, the band have completed a world tour but have since remained in relative silence about their future plans. That all changed on Sunday when the band shared a 20 second clip that featured archival footage from the recording sessions of their previous six albums before the caption “7 is coming” dramatically appears.

Slightly theatrical, but no less exhilarating. Watch the clip below:

The band have also been dropping some massive, not-so-subtle hints as to what the album may be called, using the hashtag #WALLS in their promotion as well as updating their socials to the following picture.

WALLSTo top things off, the band have released a second short video which seems to promote a forthcoming music video, ending with front-man Caleb Followill heard singing the lyric “walls come down.”

Regardless of title, it’s clear that whilst the year has already featured some huge releases, the music gods aren’t quite finished with us.

Speaking with NME earlier this year, Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill noted that “The main thing on the calendar for 2016 is to get the record finished, and then the whole press machine kicks up.” Caleb added that “We enjoy this part of the process….there’s a lot of work that goes into it, and it can get stressful at times, but we’re all in a good place and we’re having fun with it and we’re all excited to do something new.”

Whilst the glory days of Aha Shake Heartbreak may be long gone for the band, they can still write one hell of a radio-rock banger, and a new album to cap off the year is never bad news.

Images: Facebook