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Kool Keith Releases Eccentric “Super Hero” Collab with MF Doom

OG member of New York collective the Ultramagnetic MCs, Kool Keith, has just dropped a galactic self-aggrandising single from his upcoming Feature Magnetic LP, titled Super Hero and featuring none other than MF DOOM. It’s pretty out-there stuff, resplendent with wacky lyrics that reference everything from Marvel superheroes to John Travolta to Hello Kitty to Cold Stone Ice Creamery, which I’m assuming is the US version of Cold Rock.

The production is relatively skimpy, relying heavily on two recurring motifs – a synth that sounds like an outer space laser gun and a cymbal like a church bell – letting all those free flowing crazy name-checks sit right at the forefront. In an interview with Billboard, who premiered Super Hero, Kool reiterated the importance of staying unpredictable in music and fostering connections to art and culture. He also spoke about respecting KISS‘ aesthetic. And bananas:

“I see people buying a banana with a credit card. This guy’s filling out all this paperwork, holding up the line. And you’re like, “What is he getting? Oh, a banana.” He’s so advanced, he bought a banana with a credit card *laughs*. Does it really take swiping the credit card for a banana? Would you fill out all that paperwork? Can’t you just throw 75 cents up there and keep on going? I mean, I’ll pay for it! I’m way in the back, but I’ll throw some change on the counter. Some people are too far back, some people are too far ahead. Smart in one way, but dumb in another.”

Sure, okay.

In any case, the off-the-wall nature of the track makes it a genuinely fun listen, and we are always damn delighted to see the elusive MF Doom round the traps. He and Kool also worked together recently on When The Lights Go Out, a cut from Atmosphere‘s LP Fishing Blues, which was released last week. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Feature Magnetic is slated for release on September 16. You can download Super Hero and stream other album tracks World Wide Lamper and Tired from Kool Keith’s Bandcamp.

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Image: Hip Hop Golden Age