I Miss The Old Kanye – Raising a Toast to the One & Only

Kanye West has had his fingers in many a metaphorical pie over the years, bringing everything from music to fashion to the table. One thing he hasn’t done (yet) however, is venture into the world of alcohol production. Fear not though, because now thanks to a hip-hop obsessed craft beer company called Stillwater Artisinal, founded by former electronica DJ Brian Stillwater, the lack of a Kanye-inspired beer is no longer a problem we have to live with in this world.

We say hip-hop obsessed because this supposedly Dr. Pepper flavoured offering in the vein of Kanye is not their first foray into beers inspired by some of the world’s favourite artists. No, rather Kanye joins Kendrick Lamar (Moneytree$) and Drake (Hopvine Bling, a dry-hopped berliner weisse with sauvignon blanc grapes).

Kanye’s concoction is said to have been inspired by the complexities of his personality so relevant in the media and references The Life of Pablo in it’s name. Taking the first line of I Love Kanye, the beer dubbed I Miss The Old Kanye, is said to be made up of a deconstruction of the twenty three flavors of Dr Pepper and brewed a tribute Imperial Porter. The ingredients include Brettanomyces, cloves, juniper, plums, prunes, star anise, and vanilla.

In order to ensure the full effect, the bottles come complete with TLOP inspired labels which read “I’ve been afflicted by not one, not two, but all twenty-three flavors. I’m always one-of-a-kind.” Naturally, the beer isn’t easy to get your hands on and it’s only available from the website within the Baltimore region Still, at least now when you ask yourself the age old question What Would Kanye Do Drink?, you’ve got an answer.

Image: Pigeons and Planes