Kanye West Demands Apple Music Buy Tidal

There’s no doubting that when it comes to listening to music in 2016, streaming is where it’s at. At the top you’ve got the major corporations Spotify and Apple Music, with Tidal a little further behind, all in a huge bidding war to give artists a minimum royalty rate to make more money. Over the years many artists have spoken out about the streaming war, mainly due to this lack of payment, but now we may finally have a solution thanks to rapper, beat-making extraordinaire, entrepreneur and the closest thing we’ll get to a person living life with every cheat code enabled: Kanye West.

Yup that’s right, everyone’s favourite Twitter ranter Yeezy has once again come out swinging with his perspective on an issue, this time the streaming wars. He spoke out yesterday on his Twitter saying that Apple should just write out a check to Jay-Z for his company Tidal, continuing to say that we should just, “Let the kids have the music”. This all comes after Kanye released his latest album, The Life Of Pablo as a Tidal exclusive and boosted its users drastically.

While many have said that Tidal is a dying platform and boasts no real growth, Kanye West obviously declares that there is too much competition, whether it be due to exclusives or otherwise. Chiming into the discussion was Ohio rapper Kid Cudi , who agreed with West and said that “the art is lost” thanks to these big corporations who dominate music streaming.


Whether this will all fall on deaf ears, it’ll simply be a waiting game. Major artists do have a history of affecting corporations though, especially streaming. It wasn’t long ago that Taylor Swift spoke out about Apple Music’s royalty rates and managed to increase the payment towards artists, so who knows what kind of power Kanye and Kid Cudi’s rants will hold. Will we see artists entirely removing their catalogues from certain platforms? Who knows, but fingers crossed the future sees artists on the top of the food chain, rather than the big businesses.

Image: Your EDM