Top Dawg’s Isaiah Rashad Drops Another Smooth Single, “Free Lunch”

It has been two years since Tennessee native and Top Dawg Entertainment signee Isaiah Rashad dropped his critically acclaimed debut, Civilia Demo, with it’s powerful lyricism and grooving productions, it was quickly branded one of the best projects of the year.

Since then it’s been a long wait for any sign of a follow-up. Dropping the moody Nelly back in September last year alongside the powerful Smile last January, Rashad has stayed relatively in the dark surrounding the periods around his releases. Luckily for us though, he’s looking to make some noise once again, returning with his third single, Free Lunch.

Pieced together with a range of laid-back, grooving jazz-influenced instrumentation, a shrilling keyboard, soothing guitars and string lines, backed by a snapping drum kit; it’s classic Isaiah through and through. Topped off with a smooth flow and strong focus on lyricism and wordplay, what’s not to love?

Earlier in the year TDE founder Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced that Isaiah Rashad’s forthcoming album was indeed finished and that it was in the process of being mixed. Yesterday he came out with even more mysterious news, Tweeting a release date of some sort, accompanied simply with “#TDE”.

Seeing as we’ve been treated more Rashad the following day, could this finally be the release date for his project? We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, have a listen to his smooth single Free Lunch below.

Image: Rehab Online Magazine