Praise Be! The Game and 50 Cent’s Beef has been Ended at a Strip Club

Maybe I’m just immature, but when I saw the news that Jayceon Terrell Taylor (AKA The Game) and 50 Cent had ended their notorious beef at a strip club, my mind went immediately to dick jokes. Freud, eat your heart out. But come on! The terms “beef” and “strip club” should be reserved for only the most euphemistic of writers. Headlines could only have been improved if they had resolved their differences at a vegetarian restaurant. But I digress.

Reports have emerged of The Game grabbing the microphone at the Ace Of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles overnight, proclaiming that he “fucks with 50,” and that “what happened that shit was twelve years ago, n*ggas ain’t on that shit… Ain’t nobody on that old shit.” The two were then seen conversing in the club.

The news is incredibly surprising because Taylor and 50 Cent have been feuding for years. It kicked off way back in 2005, when 50’s second album The Massacre was pushed back to accommodate the release of The Game’s debut. Then, 50 dismissed Taylor from G Unit live on radio. This led to a cold war period between them, where Taylor formed G Unot, and the two traded diss track after diss track. The Game offered an olive branch in ’06, but G Unit made it clear that that wasn’t good enough. Another set of diss tracks were traded (fun fact, over 100 diss tracks have come out of this feud), and the beef continued. Game again extended his peaceful desires, calling for a G-Unit reunion… which did happen… minus The Game.

Rumours of a reunion between the pair and the rest of G-Unit had previously surfaced back in February of this but Game was quick to dismiss them, saying everybody was “on their own shit” at the time. Who knows whether this booty-based peace treaty will last, it might be telling that 50 didn’t make an announcement like Game did but hey, even if the feud reignites, at least we had this beautiful headline.

Image: Capital Xtra