Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator Had a Street Race in LA

Fans are still awaiting Frank Ocean’s painfully anticipated Boys Don’t Cry, and some may well be thinking that he should surely be locked in the studio by now? Apparently not. Last night, A$AP Rocky recorded a snapchat video of Ocean racing Tyler, The Creator through the streets of LA with clearly zero fucks given about the whole global desperation for his album situation. Or perhaps just letting off steam because of that same situation – which, admittedly, must be fairly pressurising.

The footage shows Ocean and Tyler exchanging some nice trash talk before racing off from a stop light. Not to ruin for you, but Ocean takes the lead while A$AP sounds a touch white-knuckled, shouting “Somebody get me out of this car! I’m scared!”.


The pair are members of the Odd Future collective, and this isn’t the first time Tyler has got competitive. He previously challenged Kanye West to a foot race at this year’s Coachella.

It’s a fun, endearing insight into the downtime of wildly rich and famous celebrities, but unfortunately the majority of the internet are not amused with Ocean. Reports on the footage have been posted with titles alluding to the fact that Ocean clearly has spare time on his hands. One reporter, Halle Kiefer, mused that “He probably wasn’t even racing. He probably just had to hurry home to put the finishing touches on … haha, just kidding, this album is never coming out.”

While fans cool their heels waiting (so. much. waiting.) for Boys Don’t Cry to actually drop, Ocean collaborator Malay has tried to defend the singer, saying “art cannot be rushed”. Nah, but expensive cars can – we’ll get to the art later!

EDIT: Frank Ocean has released his visual album Endless and Rolling Stone confirms that Boys Don’t Cry, a separate project, will be released this weekend. All is forgiven.

Image: Pitchfork