Chris Brown Sued by Another 1 OAK Shooting Victim

Fall out from a shooting at Los Angeles night club 1 OAK in 2014 continues, with a new lawsuit being brought against everyone’s fave Chris Brown. The incident, which saw a number of people shot during a performance by Brown, has already resulted in two lawsuits brought against the singer as well as his quick dismissal of having any duty of care to his fans. Now, another victim has come forward with claims that Brown and his co-host at the event Pia Miller were at least partly responsible for the shooting as a result of Brown’s gang-ties.

The victim, Ginja Elms, was shot during Brown’s performance at the nightclub and joins Paul Briley as well as former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, who was shot seven times that night. Where Briley and Knight both argue that Brown did little to ensure the safety of patrons at the event (to which he has rebutted is not his responsibility, but that of the venue), Elms has taken his argument further, citing the singer’s alleged gang-affiliations as the cause of the shooting.

Elms states that the nightclub was well aware of Brown’s gang affiliations at the time of the event and should have taken more precaution as a result. He argues that everyone who entered the venue that night, Brown and other celebrities included, should have been subjected to a pat-down upon arrival in an effort to ensure the safety of everyone present. According to TMZ, in total, Elms is suing Brown and Miller together for in excess of $750,000 ($985,000+ Australian Dollars)

Knight meanwhile, is set be taking Brown and the other parties involved to court and is demanding that Brown, Pia Mia, and 1 OAK together pay his past and future medical bills for the injuries he sustained after being shot seven times during Brown’s performance that night.

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Image: hiphopdx