Holy Shit, Big Boi & Killer Mike Are Releasing a Collab EP

Wow, wow, wow. Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any better for music (and shit it’s only Tuesday), Big Boi has taken it to the next level, announcing that he and Killer Mike are planning to release a joint EP.

In celebration of twenty years of Outkast‘s ATLiens, Spin interviewed Big Boi about the album, its impact and more. At one point Big Boi, who is currently on tour with his Phantogram collaborative project Big Grams, brings up Killer Mike.

While many know Killer Mike as one half of Run The Jewels, he pretty much owes his entire career to Outkast – his first ever album feature was on the Stankonia track Snappin’ & Trappin’, and the pair have since featured on more than ten tracks together across Outkast and Killer Mike’s solo career, including the Grammy winning Outkast track The Whole World. As part of Run The Jewels, Mike and Big Boi also recently collaborated on the Big Grams track Born to Shine. Big Boi also featured on Banana Clipper, from RTJ’s first self-titled album. So I guess you could say they work together pretty well.  

When Spin asked about if the pair have been working together more recently, Big Boi revealed that they’ve got a lot up their sleeves. “Boy, absolutely! Wait until you hear this new s**t. Killer Mike is busy as hell. I mean, he’ll come straight from the airport and go into the studio and bust on two or three records and come back again the next day. We’re just trying to put as many ideas out there as possible. And me and Killer Mike, we’re gonna put out a little EP after I put out my next solo record or something like that. We’ve been entertaining the idea for a long time and finally got enough songs to where we just said the other night that we’re gonna do it. You getting a scoop there.”

Holy moly, that is going to be one amazing EP. We can only hope he’s true to his word about both this and his own solo album.

And for the record, I hope it’s called Killer Bois.

Image: AP/Mark J. Terrill