WATCH: Sia & P!nk Cover the Beatles in “Beat Bugs”

Beat Bugs creator Josh Wakely once had a vision to grace young ears with classic hits from the Beatles. Seeing that dream to fruition, his Netflix show Beat Bugs now features over 50 of the highly sought-after tracks. Considering the quintet’s portfolio is one of the most protected in all of pop music, this is quite a ridiculous feat.

It didn’t happen overnight, it took three long years for Wakely to secure the rights to the tunes. Whilst patiently waiting, he managed to swindle some huge artists into performing cover tracks and the most recent to hit the screens was a heartache-inducing rendition of Blackbird by Australia’s own Sia. 

I’m not crying, you are.

The most recent episode also included Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds covered by P!nk. Being quite a precious John Lennon enthusiast, I’ll be the first to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself relishing her husky tones. The show’s first season also boasts some other outrageously huge artists including – but not limited to – Regina Spektor, Soundgarden and The Shins.

Beat Bugs also featured an adorable rendition of Magical Mystery Tour earlier in the season by rugged heart palpitator Eddie Vedder. Even as an animated grasshopper, he’s still one of the most attractive beings on planet Earth. Even Wakely was weak at the knees – stating that when he received the call back from his childhood hero he initially thought he was being Punk’d.

When Wakely pitched the basic structure of his idea he claimed to have a lot of support from backers. However when casually mentioning “all I need to do is get the the rights to the Beatles songs”, he claims he was often looked at like he was “a bit crazy”.

Though Season One has only just been released to Netflix viewers, Season Two has already been confirmed. With the Beatles having one of the most extensive catalogs of all time, Wakely can take comfort in knowing that his musical inspiration has left him with a long Ticket To Ride on.

Image: PR News Wire