Rugby Wild

VIDEO PREMIERE: Rugby Wild “Chevy”

Today, Howl & Echoes is excited to premiere the new video for Chevy, from New Jersey rapper Rugby Wild.

Real name Bryan McCobb, the name Rugby Wild is rather unique; it’s a nickname he created as a kid – one that’s also an anagram: Regardless You Got to Be Yourself, Whether I Live or Die. Active since 2012, Rugby has dropped one mixtape and one EP, and is currently readying a new project titled Millenials, which is set to feature collaborations with Chase Meier from Goldensuns and Norwegian in-house producer Thomas Stròm.

Rugby has already begun developing a strong reputation online, and today comes the incredible video for Chevy, brought to you by the Good Vibes Crew.

The scene is set: a vast desert landscape, a breezy ride in a beautiful convertible, top down. A woozy Rugby soon dozes off, only to find himself waking up somewhere and sometime else, hanging with friends by the pool in an old school Grease-style scenario, soon falling for a glamorous woman. We head into a diner, where we meet the Rugby’s slick, leather-jacket wearing nemeses, the ringleader of which is the woman’s boyfriend. Night falls, they’re at the drive in. Soon, fed up with her boyfriend, she gets into Rugby’s car and they begin to talk. Now, it’s Rugby’s turn to shine. The video reaches a melodic interlude, with live music and soulful melodies, contrasted with dramatic footage – starting a fire, smashing the guitar and drums. It’s game on. The next scene takes us to a drag race, an homage to the classic Grease scene – only it doesn’t end so well for all involved.

The production and imagery is as delightful to watch as the music is to hear, including its midway interlude, during which we slow down for a minute and take in Wild’s musicality. The live instrumentation and vocals from Los Angeles trio Goldensuns brings a new flavour to the lush blend of heavy beats and Rugby’s raspy vocals.

Peep the video below, and while you’re at it, make sure to check out his music here and here.

Image: Supplied