Four of Brisbane’s Best Young Acts Converge on Trainspotters This August

Words by Emily Fernandez

Want to keep the musical flow of Brisbane going and find new music to enjoy? Then get yourself to Brisbane’s local Trainspotters event early this August as five rising artists are keen to give you one hell of a killer night! Beginning with the dreamy yet grunge-pop sounds of Cheers G’day, this four-piece are making 2016 their year. Their latest track Dream Girl, released late last year, saw Cheers G”Day solidify their sound as a band. The track demonstrates everything they’ve been working towards and showcases exactly what these four are about: relaxing but having a damn good time.

With lead vocalist Irina Strauss’s soothing vocals against a backdrop of chimey guitar riffs and a softening drum beat, you’re left wanting more from these rising artists.

If there’s a party to be had, you bet that you can expect four-piece Voiid to attend This girl power punk band describe themselves as “four girls shouting profanity and annoying the heck out the neighbours” (in this case, they are pretty damn lucky neighbours). Their latest original track resonates deeply with many Australians as they sing about goon in Cheap Wine. Anji Greenwood kills with her lead vocals that bring alive the fire groups like The Runaways once fuelled, with tangy, quick guitar work from Kate McGuire with an enthralling and smashing set drums from Jasmine Cannon. Its only disappointment is in its over-too-soon 1:18 run time but it still makes for one hell of an energetic punch to the face.

Inspired by the likes of Pink Mouse, Blend 42 From Outta Space and Club Sound Witches is one-lady spectacular Scraps a.k.a. Laura Hill. Clouded in a deep haze of mystery, her sound is a hard to narrow down yet is utterly hypnotising and playful in it’s own unique way, with haunting synth-pop backdrops and plenty of jive. Her latest work released early July is her first full length LP TNNIK (pronounced by Titanic). Featuring seven bizarrely intoxicating tracks to follow, it showcases the progression of Scraps through her sound yet hones to her unique and intense flow.

With a sound that quenches your thirst is one and only rising artists O.J. Mengel. This quartet aren’t afraid to be themselves as they showcase their own quirky talents on stage. With their debut EP You Do You landing in 2015, this band has come far as they have won over plenty of new fans with their infections soundscape of unforgettable gospel melodies and pop culture. Their latest work is the official music video for Kathmandu, a proud project created by O.J. Mengel and directed by Sam Kitchen. They created a music video covered in a vapour-wave of bright colours that brings their sound to life in one whole video, filled with the sounds of vibrant guitars and easy-going drum beats.


To see these amazing artists and support Brisbane’s local events all you need is 5 whole dollarydooos to present at the Grand Central Hotel door on Saturday August 13th.