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Three Albums That Changed My Life: Julia Jacklin

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Julia Jacklin is one of our favourite artists on the come-up right now, and we can’t wait to see where she’s going next. Her gorgeous melodies and magnetic storytelling lyrics make for a wonderfully interesting, engaging listen, which is great news considering she’s just announced her debut album, Don’t Let The Kids Win. The record is to be released on October 7, ahead of which has come first single Leadlight:

Ahead of international tour dates that’ll see her travel through the USA, UK and Europe, Jacklin will be performing at Newtown Social Club in Sydney on Thursday, July 28 and at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club on Friday, July 29 (tickets here).

We wanted to get to know Jacklin a little better, so we asked her to share three albums which shaped her life.

Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine 

My first love introduced me to this album when I was about 15. I’d just never really heard anything like it before. I think it was the lyrics that really got me. She talks about love in such a unique way, I appreciate it even more now that I’m older. Not About Love was the first song I ever performed on stage with guitar at an open mic night in Glebe. I sang Parting Gift for a yr. 11 school performance and I covered Extraordinary Machine in my first band. It’s been with me for a while.


Radiohead, KID A 

I was at my neighbours house when I was about 12 or 13. He was a few years older than me and had a very ‘cool’ taste in music. At that age I was just kind of pretending to like things and pretending to hate things based on other peoples opinions. I didn’t really know what I liked. Then I heard Idioteque and my mind was forever blown! A lot of teenage angst was soothed by the songs on this record.

Anna Calvi, Anna Calvi 

I haven’t listened to this in ages but it came at a perfect time for me a few years ago. I had trained as a soprano and I guess I had always thought I had to sing like a little girl or something, that I had to play pretty, non confrontational music in order for people to like me. Then I heard this and it just gave me some strength, to get a bit louder, sing a bit lower, not worry too much if people didn’t like what I was doing.

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