Thom Yorke Enslaved By Satan, Says Christian Group

The face of Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has been popping up in some odd places of late. His image has not only appeared on the cover of an Iranian book concerning marital intimacy, but was also being used to advertise medication in Russia. Now it seems that religious group the New Generation of God has jumped on the bandwagon, using the same image for an anti-Satanist Twitter post.

The group, who have purposed themselves with returning “the supernatural power of God to the streets,” have appropriated the image of Yorke to warn against “8 things that satan uses to enslave you and destroy you.” To press home, the group have even taken the liberty of adding a few stitched-up scars to weather Yorke’s features for a more menacing effect.

The post attributes Yorke with eight heretical vices, which include pornography, avarice, atheism, idolatry, disobedience to God’s law, drugs, idolatry as well as witchcraft and tarot. While the well read Yorke has no doubt touched on a few of these topics in passing, the Oxford native is far from an outspoken advocate of any of the eight.

It’s unclear how or why the iconic frontman’s profile shot has seen this universal application. Whether the image has outlived its intended use as a promotional shot and will continue cropping up in poorly photoshopped adverts is unknown.

Image: Twitter