Go To Sleep With Thom Yorke’s BBC Bedtime Mix

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke wants you to Go To Sleep – and he’s here to help even the most stubborn insomniacs. This week, Yorke released a special half hour Bedtime Mix as part of radio presenter Phil Taggart’s three hour Sunday night program on BBC Radio 1.

The Bedtime Mix begins with kind of robotic sounding voice, not unlike Fitter Happier from OK Computer. It then travels through a series of slow moving ambient and electronic tunes, the perfect tones and tempos needed to lull you into a deep, warm slumber. The middle of the mix features a beautiful version of Bloom recorded when Yorke performed a solo set at a Pathway to Paris concert last year.

In related news, Radiohead have announced that a selection of recordings from Pathway to Paris – a charity concert to fight climate change – will be released this Wednesday, July 27. As well as Yorke, it will include recorded performances from Patti Smith, Flea, Warren Ellis and many more – order it here.

Listen here

Thom Yorke Bedtime Mix:

Charlemagne Palestine & Robert Feldmen, Electronic and Flute
Luke Abott, Dumb
Thom Yorke, Bloom (live at Le Trianon, Paris)
James Holden, Triangle Folds Inside Out
Laurie Spiegel, The Unquestioned Answer

Radiohead released their long awaited ninth album A Moon Shaped Pool earlier this year – read our review here.

Image: Twitter