The National Compare Donald Trump to Ronald McDonald

Veteran Cincinatti rockers The National have become just the latest band to speak out against U.S Presidential candidate Donald Trump, comparing the politician to McDonalds spokesclown and antagonist in the nightmares of children worldwide, Ronald McDonald.

Appearing on BBC Radio 5’s ‘Pineear’s Politics’, front-man Matt Berninger noted that the idea of President Donald Trump sounded like “President Ronald McDonald or something…that seems to make the most sense. Except I don’t think Ronald McDonald was as much of a bigot. I’ve thought of the bigotry in America and the deep-seated problems…that’s always been there and we can pretend like it has just gone away….Trump is the sickness that has been clogging the drain.”

“I think people are afraid,” he continued, “they’ve been marginalised financially, health-wise…by their own government. They’ve been put in a situation by their own elected leaders where they are desperate…he (Trump) is using their desperation and their fear.”

Guitarist Aaron Desner also noted that “we were big Bernie (Sanders) supporters…now we are all migrating to support Hillary (Clinton) and frankly, I like Hillary a lot too. I think she’s entirely prepared and proven for this job.”

Its yet another example of the outspoken manner of The National, a band who have never been one to shy away from the political arena. Having campaigned with President Barack Obama from 2008-2012 at numerous rallies, events and speeches, the band quickly earned a reputation for their support of the democratic movement, support that continues here in hilarious fashion.

Image: 4ad