Tame Impala’s Deluxe Edition of “Currents” is Incoming

This time last year we were filled to the brim with excitement over the release of Tame Impala’s highly-anticipated Currents, a record that stunned listeners on impact and was replayed over and over again as fans engulfed themselves in the magic that was embodied in its 13 tracks.

Now, Tame Impala are finally ready to release the deluxe edition of the album, along with an added B-side. In celebration of the one year anniversary of Currents, the band posted a picture of the album’s cover art with the following caption:

Just how much unheard music from Tame Impala will be included in the deluxe edition remains to be seen, but with the quality of the finished product of Currents at such a high level, you can probably be sure that even the off-cuts and B-sides that didn’t end up making the original record will still be some outstanding music.

Following the release of Currents, Tame Impala absolutely rocketed to the top spot on the Australian charts and cleaned up at the ARIA awards as a result. They took out five awards in total including Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, Engineer of the Year, Producer of the Year and Best Group as well as Let It Happen being nominated for Best Pop Release.

It was recorded in Kevin Parker’s home studio and was the first Tame Impala album to be mixed by Parker himself, who had also written, recorded and produced their previous two albums along with Currents. We’ll keep you updated on any further details, including a release date, as they emerge.

Image: Pagesdigital