Sydney Funk Duo The Goods Drop Self Titled Double EP

The Goods are one of the most interesting duos to come out Sydney of late. After unveiling three stellar and distinctly different singles singles, Strong Man, ONLY ONE, and the amazing Nightlife featuring Bruce Hathcock, the spaced out, funk/R&B duo have now released their debut self-titled double EP.

In order to create such varying work, the duo produce in a unique fashion. Members Boris Bangaltar and Rosario D’Awesome work on each track themselves and then bring these to the table for the pair to touch up and work on together. The result is an amazing blend of Rosario’s psychedelic hip-hop, boogie and house, and Boris’ deep funk and dancehall flavours.

Twelve tracks long, The EP itself guides you on a journey through cosmic funk and house, before merging into an array of dark lo-fi hip-hop and g-funk; having you in a dreamy fantasy one minute, and crip-walking the next.

Going on to tour with acts such as Oddisee and Onra, The Goods are Australia’s answer to the American funk lords of late, Chromeo, Dâm-Funk and Kaytranada, and there’s no doubt this pair are among the most promising producers in the country. Take a listen to their full double EP below:

This review has been partially reposted with permission from AAA Backstage

Image: Thinking Loud