Review: Mallrat Scores the Perfect Introduction with “Uninvited”

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of pop and rap, Mallrat is your girl.

The young Australian musician releases her debut EP Uninvited to introduce us to her world and her great talent. After a listen, we can’t wait to keep hearing from her and see her grow.

Tokyo Drift is the perfect example of what a pop and rap infusion sounds like. Her vibrant voice raps over the top of the sweet electro sound; she has a great flow as her strong accent glides smoothly through the track. Its upbeat sound and lyrics bring an uplifting attitude. “Laughing for a long time // think it’s gonna be alright,” she sings.

The album is well-produced overall; the cool sounds will flood your earphones over and over again. Her latest single Inside Voices shows this off with the beating percussion and great dance beat. Her singing voice is as good as her flow, it shines with a sweet tone and lightness. This was the first song I heard of hers and was immediately intrigued. If you’re unsure, I suggest you do the same before you check out the whole album.

The title track’s strong beat echoes that of a nightclub soundtrack. As we listen to the lyrics, we realise she is likening an unwanted relationship to a club she doesn’t want to be in. “Get me off the list // I’ve got nothing on my wrist.” It’s a great track to play when you’re getting ready to take on the town as the night grows dark, the perfect song to get you in the party mood.

Sunglasses switches the subject to a bad habit many people in society take on at some point in their lives. It’s often difficult to tell whether people are being genuine now that we have screens to hide behind and aid them as they manipulate the way they are viewed by others. “Classic, plastic// everyone around you wears the same sunglasses.” She provides an upbeat, interesting way to tackle the idea, as well as a catchy tune to sing along to.

The marriage of percussion and synths never seems to fail as we hear in Suicide Blonde. Mallrat shows off her versatility, rapping and singing throughout. The slow beat picks up when she raps to emphasise the different methods that help her tell the dark story of a girl who commits suicide after dealing with addiction problems. “Michael Hutchence could never save you, I’ll never hate you // you just let me run away// we’ll put the rum away.” 

The final song For Real sums up the joy of being with someone who makes to feel good about yourself. “Didn’t want to die once this week// and when you’re around you make me feel like less of a freak.” The clicking sound combined with the piano creates a mellow, yet upbeat sound that leaves us with some good vibes.

Although it’s short, the EP is filled with some great tracks that will remind you why we listen to music when we’re down. Let it lift you up after a bad week and take you into a great weekend.

Uninvited is now available.

Image: Tone Deaf