Your Favourite Rappers Are Out Filling Their Pokedex

The amount of hype that is currently circulating around the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go is nothing short of staggering.

Hundreds upon hundreds of suppressed 90s kids have been roaming the streets at all hours taking gyms, cashing in on poke-stops and catching that Dratini that is literally TWO STEPS AWAY. Thankfully (?) some of the biggest stars of the game have taken to the new trend with the same amount of joy, with countless videos, tweets and photos popping up online showing some of hip-hops brightest names striving to be the very best.

Here are some highlights thus far.

ScHoolboy Q

Currently on tour around the states in support of his new album, the rapper has been busy hunting down “Pokeman”, posting this hilarious video of him throwing toy poke balls at his entourage in an effort to catch a “Chari-muthafuckin-zard.” Splendid.

Waka Flocka Flame

Clearly a sucker for nostalgia, the rapper notes that he made his first $1000 “selling Pokemon cards.” Waka is now presumably doing a little better financially, but his gym habits and Twitter account show that he’s still totally caught up in the Pokemon craze.


Soulja Boy

When he’s not making up stories about his fictional $400 Million dollar deals with gaming companies, Soulja Boy is catching Pikachus that are drawn to his diamond encrusted watches. Is this a new type of lure?

Wiz Khalifa

While most people seem content with just roaming the streets and catching in their spare time, Wiz Khalifa has clearly taken the Pokemon phase to a whole new level.

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to sleep, but your phone tells you there is a Polywhirl just outside your house. We feel you Wiz. 


Taking out this weeks segment is Brooklyn rapper El-P. It’s all well and good if you’re boasting a Blastoise with 1400 CP, but can you rap about it? El-P sure can, posting this incredible video to his Instagram account 5 days ago simply titled “Pokemon Rappin.” Initially dissing the game, El-P redeemed himself with this rap and has even got fans to remix it. Believe us- you’ll be replaying the final smile again and again.

Pokemon rappin

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Image: J Roi Social