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Prince Secretly Bought the House from “Purple Rain” in 2015

In life, Prince was well known for living up to the more lavish and eccentric aspects of his celebrity lifestyle. In a story that can only be Prince though, information has recently emerged that the legendary pop star purchased the house featured in his 1984 film Purple Rain at an auction last year.

A bit of digging by property blog The Current has revealed that the 1913 property is currently in the ownership of NPG Music Publishing, one of many companies now in the care of Prince’s estate.

The Minneapolis house, which featured as the troubled home of Prince’s character ‘The Kid’, was snapped up last year when it went to went to auction but it was never revealed who had purchased it until now. The house may even bear a passing resemblance to Prince’s own childhood home (which he also owned).

Outside of his iconic Paisley Park residence, Prince owned a number of properties throughout his native state. In fact, his claim to more than 200 acres of Minnesotan property made him one of the largest property owners in the entire state.

The quasi-biographical film Purple Rain marked a turning point in Prince’s career, seeing the Purple One concurrently holding down the number one slot for both an album, film and single in the United States on its release.

Whether he had been waiting to scoop up the property since 1984 or if it was simply another act of pop star whimsy will likely remain unknown.

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Image: The Current