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PLAYLIST: Best Songs of the Week

This week’s playlist is one of the most diverse we’ve had in a long time. Along with a whole bunch of awesome Australiana rock, we’ve got a huge YG remix and a massive electronic banger courtesy of none other than Zeds Dead and Diplo. I know, I know, how mainstream of us, especially sandwiched in between the others on offer this week – but a good tune’s a good tune, no matter how big or small.

  • The Laurels, Reentry
    Woohoo, The Laurels are back! It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Sydney group, and now they’ve announced their first album in four years, Sonicology, due out October 14. The band have apparently been getting into hip-hop in that time, and Reentry is reportedly their version of a hype man, getting us all excited for what’s to come – and it works. Welcome back, boys.
  • Moses Gunn Collective, Dream Girls
    Brisbane’s Moses Gunn Collective have gone down a nice new road with Dream Girls. Dark and haunting, it has this kind of bluesy storytelling feel to it, largely due to the deep melody and that warbly guitar line. The high pitched chorus and spacey synths are an interesting new addition – it’ll be cool to see where these guys go next.
  • The Tambourine Girls, The Tambourine Girl
    The Tambourine Girls are gearing up for their debut album; this track feels like it holds a fair amount of weight, considering it’s basically the band’s name. The lyrics describe this wild tambourine girl, with a penchant for cocaine and Coltrane, set to raunchy guitars, a stompy beat and a catchy, classic melody.
  • YG, FDT Part 2 ft. G-Eazy & Macklemore
    Snapping us out of the hazy rock of the previous three tracks comes a hard remix of YG’s Fuck Donald Trump, featuring G-Eazy and Macklemore. I usually don’t listen to those two but any track with a heavy beat and anti-Trump lyrics this vicious is worth writing about – and it’s actually great, touching on everything from Orlando to Islamophobia. Also, Macklemore’s line, “Your politics are like a Starburst pack/Nobody fucks with the orange one” is brilliant.
  • Lost Animal, Do The Jerk
    This song really stopped me in my tracks as I was selecting singles for this playlist. Bluesy and smooth, with a woozy rhythm and killer melody, the vocals and overall atmosphere have a Nick Cave vibe to this that I really didn’t expect, but that I really love. Lost Animal will be releasing a new album, You Yang, this September, and I’m really looking forward to it.
  • BASECAMP, 1 Thing (ft. Hoodlem) (Amerie x Shaggy mash-up cover)
    BASECAMP and Melbourne’s own Hoodlem have collaborated on an incredible cover/mash-up of Amerie’s 1 Thing and Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me. Slinky and seductive, the delicate vocals and sparse, jazzy instrumental layers put the tracks in a completely new environment, and it couldn’t sound cooler. I love everything that Hoodlem touch, and this collaboration with the Nashville trio is so sublime, and simply perfect.
  • Zeds Dead x Diplo, Blame (ft. Elliphant)
    Look, a banger is a banger. Before you throw me shade for including this song, just be glad I didn’t include the new Major Lazer x Bieber one too. Elliphant’s airy melody is the perfect topline for the track’s massive build-ups and cinematic soundscape. Sure, I’ll cop shade for saying this, but I have no problem with dubstep when it’s executed well, and this track is as anthemic as they come.
  • CVIRO & GXNXVS, Problem
    Australian singer CVIRO has again teamed up with Gold Coast producer GXNXVS, delivering an incredible new track, Problem. Following on from mammoth last single Sober, it’s looking like the pair have struck gold with this pairing, so fingers are crossed that a full release will be announced soon. Simply put, this song is sonic velvet, bringing a smooth, sexy ’90s R&B vibe to 2016 with finesse through a honeyed melody, and a beat that cruises along above catchy instrumental layers.