Playlist: Breakthrough Thursday

We’ve had a little time off from our breakthrough playlists, but today we’re back with a mega-whopper playlist of 20 tracks from upcoming artists across the globe.

This week’s playlist features a particularly widespread blend, from haunting electronica and glistening indie pop, to hard-hitting hip-hop and late night bedroom beats.

We hear so much about established artists, but the fact is that there are countless smaller, upcoming names who deserve just as much spotlight. The artists have submitted these tracks from all across the globe, and it is our absolute pleasure to share them here.

Every single one of these tracks are beautiful and brilliant, and worth a listen no matter what kind of music floats your boat

We start with a gorgeous hip-hop track from the UK, before heading into the lush, sample-laden Drown from Commonminds, and a seductive electr0-R&B single from Caught A Ghost. The New Royales switch it up with a haunting, dark pop offering, after which Golden Age spits the harrowing, conscious What’s A Black Life Worth?

Victor Perry’s stunning voice carries us through the understated Nighttime Baby, Australia’s Elki deliver a beautiful radio-ready indie-pop single, while Collin Cairo brings rich vocals to an absolutely immense electronic soundscape. Matthew Connor’s phenomenal Night After Night evokes Roxy Music vibes, followed by frantic verses from The Recipe, Talib Kweli and Spark Master Tape.

Snowblink’s voice is an absolute pleasure to hear, especially when pitted against those eerie instrumental layers, and this is followed by the chunky beats and amazingly slinky, funky rhythms of Tay Salem’s Iron. Samwyse Ganja takes us to a dark, smokey club, and Baby Mike brings us back up with the Macklemore-esque Wicked Games.

JRyhme’s refined vocals and smooth guitars take influence from Craig David, and this is followed by a punchy electro-pop dance-floor number. SUMif slows it down with a playful, harmony-ridden pop single, a bright moment ahead of the bouncy You Thought Wrong. The final two tracks are my favourite on the playlist – Australia’s Leisure deliver incredible vibes on Control Myself, and, finally, Work might be one of the smoothest tracks I’ve heard all year. I cannot get over those vocals.

Image: The Septembers / Bandcamp