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PLAYLIST: Best Songs of the Week

It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing: here’s your weekly playlist, featuring some of the best new tunes from across the globe. We try to cover as much as we can throughout the week, and here’s the best of anything we may have missed. We’ve got a slightly longer playlist today than usual – Enjoy!

  • Promises Ltd., Days of Lavender
    This is a really cool new collaboration from Chrome Sparks, aka Jeremy Malvin, and Charlie brand of Miniature Tigers. Days of Lavender is their first single and I adore it. A riveting, driving rhythm and an interesting, kind of psych-y melody lead the way. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next.
  • Woodes, The Thaw
    Brisbane’s Woodes has returned with a slinky electro-R&B offering, blending a soft percussive rhythm with sensual atmospherics. All the while, a seductive, breathy melody carries it along. Stellar work from both Woodes and Lanks, who co-wrote and co-produced the track.
  • ALTA, Plans
    ALTA have just shared the exciting news that they’ve signed to Melbourne label Soothsayer, and with the news comes new single Plans. I love how interesting, funky, and most importantly, how unique this sounds. There are so many cool sounds coming together to create a great rhythm and vibe.
  • Ady Suleiman, Running Away (The Social Experiment Remix)
    Chance the Rapper affiliates the Social Experiment have left their mark on Suleiman’s track, which was already amazing to start with. This is a perfect song. Catchy and incredibly lush, we hear a sublime marriage of organic and electronic, of synth and trumpet, soul and electro.
  • Moonbase Commander, Greyhound
    Moonbase Commander are back, and how. This is a frantic beats-heavy track that’s begging to blast out at an all-night warehouse party. Drawing influence from drum ‘n bass and jungle, it’s really cool to hear new tunes coming out of Australia like this.
  • Elysia Crampton, Flora’s Theme
    This week’s Adult Swim single comes courtesy of Elysia Crampton, and it’s certainly the most unique and obscure that we’ve heard so far. Crampton seeks to explore and to experiment, toying with a myriad sounds and samples in just over two minutes.
  • Machinedrum, Angel Speak ft. MeLo-X
    Machinedrum has always held a special place in my heart, and this track is just so much fun. There’s a lot going on around the rhythm, interesting percussive sounds and spacey effects, samples and more. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next.
  • Feki x St Albion, One of a Kind
    This is a wicked collaboration, absolutely one of my favourite electronic tracks this week. The beats are huge and the atmosphere is really hazy and warm – it’s a really interesting combination of each artist’s sounds, as it takes us through a number of variations on that core melodic loop.
  • Dreller, A Signal That Comes Back
    Since first hearing about Dreller earlier this year, he’s quickly become one of my favourite upcoming artists to watch. A Signal That Comes Back is Dreller’s third single, and it might be my favourite yet. There’s something so sneaky and seductive about the melody, while the instrumental layers blend so many kinds of sounds that every listen uncovers something new.
  • Julia Jacklin, Leadlight
    Julia Jacklin has just announced her debut album, out October 7, and this week released its first single, Leadlight. This is a really beautiful, emotive track, one that really showcases her stunning voice and lyrics, atop a bluesy rhythm that lazily swings from beat to beat. There’s something so real about this sound and this song. I love it. It might just be my favourite new Australian track this week.
  • Running Touch, Levitate (It’s All Too perfect)
    Running Touch’s new track is deep, dark and smokey, the scene is set with a late night house vibe, before a rich, velvety smooth vocal melody comes in. It continues to be chopped and spliced throughout, becoming something of an instrumental layer in itself. Listen here
  • Harts, Power
    Finally this week we have a new track from Harts, who among other accolades, has been personally endorsed by the late, great Prince. This is a big, bright, festival-ready song, with huge riffs and a stompy beat, showcasing his incredible guitar talents through a funkier filter than some of his earlier stuff. Listen here