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PLAYLIST: Best Songs of the Week

Here it is, your weekly playlist of some of our favourite new songs this week! We try to cover as much ground as possible, and here’s a few amazing new tracks we might have missed throughout the week.


  • Roots Manuva, On A High
    Off the back of last year’s stunning new album Bleeds, On A High can be found on the upcoming deluxe version. Backed by an eerie, synth-based instrumental and a thin, rather unsettling vocal loop, Roots paints a dark, lyrically illustrative picture, ominous but not quite as gritty as some of last year’s tracks. This is another great track, with Roots continuing his reign as one of the UK’s best hip-hop exports ever. Read our review of the incredible Bleeds here.
  • Aphty Khea, Onyx Glitz
    Aphty Khea has just released a two-track EP, and it’s so good that we’re featuring both right here. The slinky, electro-trip hop offerings immediately evoke a lush, immersive atmosphere that I quickly found myself lost among. The rhythm and sparse instrumental layers, predominantly percussive effects and glitchy piano trickles, create an unsettling backdrop which slowly builds behind the multi-layered vocal melody.
  • Aphty Khea, Peacebloom
    The second half of Khea’s EP, Peacebloom begins with a briefly noisy sample, before we’re immediately thrust into a much deeper atmosphere. The huge beat and deep, resounding bass quickly forms a syncopated rhythm, as a seductive vocal loop injects melody up above. I absolutely love how deep and trippy this instrumental is, and the vocal melody is simply sublime. Of the two, this is my favourite, but put together, you’ve got an incredible eight minutes of sonic magic.
  • Marcus, Toast
    Another incredible upcoming name in hip-hop from our own backyard, Melbourne’s Marcus has this week released new track Toast, following on from his new mixtape Pizza For Breakfast. The production is really beautiful, courtesy of Basquiat JR, best known for producing Joey Badass’ Christ Conscious. Marcus has a really smooth, natural flow, an absolute pleasure to listen to for the track’s theme-appropriate 4:20 running time.
  • Ryan Hemsworth, Wait ft. Keaton Henson & Mitski
    Goddamn. The Adult Swim singles series just gets better and better each week. Today, we’ve got a brand new Ryan Hemsworth production, featuring deep vocals from Keaton Henson, along with the delicate darkness of Mitski, who just released new album Puberty 2This is a deeply emotive track, and the low chords, robotic synth effects and both guests’ vocals altogether create something really quite heavy and introverted.
  • Tempesst, Broke Down Blues
    Lightening the mood a bit, The Aussie born, London based duo Tempesst are back with a rich, twangy, guitar-laden campfire track. Raucous and bluesy (as the name might suggest), this is so, so catchy and a real pleasure to listen to – you can absolutely picture this as a late night festival singalong.
  • Dom Zilla, Tonight
    We’ve covered the UK’s Dom Zilla a couple times before, and each time, I love it. New track Tonight is a blissfully smooth, full, soulful offering. “I don’t need nobody tonight,” he begins, forming a calmly comforting atmosphere that flows so beautifully throughout this wonderful track.
  • Japanese Wallpaper, Cocoon
    Melbourne’s Japanese Wallpaper, aka Gab Strum, has finally returned with new track Cocoon. The first track since his self-titled debut EP, this is a warm, rich tune, showing off a deep melody and a really beautiful, full, warm soundscape. This marks Strum’s first track featuring his own vocals, and it couldn’t work better. I can’t wait to hear more.
  • James Vincent McMorrow, Rising Water
    The bearded man with one of the most delicate voices in folk music has returned, and he’s had one hell of a makeover. This is a really exciting new direction that he’s heading in, following his 2014 album Post Tropical, and I really, really like it. Swift percussion, a funky bass and a wonderful melody come together in the first track off his newly announced third LP, We Move, out September 2. Listen to Rising Water here.
  • Kacy Hill, Lion
    G.O.O.D Music’s Kacy Hill has released released Lion, the first track to be released from her highly anticipated debut album, out later this year. This is a truly incredible track, and I can’t wait for the full record. Dark yet dainty, emotive and commanding throughout, showcasing her incredible, unique vocals and a powerful chorus. Listen to Lion here.

Image: Ryan Hemsworth / Adult Swim