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PHOTOS: George Maple Live in Melbourne, July 13 2016

George Maple has returned to her home country Australia for a headline tour. Fresh from releasing new track Buried with What So Not and featuring Rome Fortune, as well as a remix package for her single Sticks and Horses, also featuring Rome Fortune. After performing to sold out crowds across the USA and beyond, this week saw her return to Australia for a headline tour, with support from UV Boi and Jia Lih. A special cameo from Tkay Maidza also gave the crowd an unexpected surprise!

I can admit, I had underestimated the powerhouse that is George Maple going into last night’s show. Sheer brilliance is the only way I can describe her as a performer, with both incredible stage presence and the most amazing costumes I’ve seen in a long while. The strength of her voice is undeniable with an already solid repertoire of songs that kept the crowd wanting more by the end of her set. Watch this space, this girl is going to be massive.

You can read our full review of Maple live in Sydney here, and you can click here to check out our full interview with this wonderful artist.

George Maple’s tour continues on to Oh Hello in Brisbane this Friday, July 15, before wrapping up at Jack Rabbit Slims in Perth on Saturday July 16.

UV Boi

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George Maple

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All images: Michelle Grace Hunder / Howl & Echoes