Massive Attack Preview Three New Songs on Their “Fantom” App

Legendary British trip-hop group Massive Attack announced to much anticipation last year that they would be releasing two EPs and a full length album in 2016, a massive announcement considering they had not released any full-length material since 2010s Heligoland.

We have already been lucky enough to have received the first of these new records, with the release of Ritual Spirit. This announcement came along with the launch of an app developed by a team including the band’s own Robert Del Naja.

The app, called “Fantom,” is a fun and innovative little toy you can use to remix a few Massive Attack tracks using the data from your phone such as camera, location and time to alter the songs, using the original as a core to build upon.

The use of the app as a means of previewing the four songs on Ritual Spirit has been repeated here, with the surfacing of three brand new tracks on the app. Come Near Me, The Spoils, and Dear Friend, the tracks appearing on the Fantom app earlier and available to listen to right now. You can download the app here (iOS only, sorry)

The new music comes after Massive Attack’s performance at British Summer Festival, where they performed their classic Eurochild for the first time since 1998 as well as addressing the Brexit vote. The group also surprised festival goers by bringing famed collaborator Tricky onstage to perform Take It There with them.

Revisit the video for Voodoo In My Blood below:

Image: Pop Matters