M.I.A. Shares New Track “Go Off” with Skrillex

Earlier this year, M.I.A. announced that her next album was finished, but hinted that it may well be her last. She has dropped Go Off, a single from her forthcoming record AIM (which is expected September 9 this year) featuring Skrillex and Blaqstarr. Playing out on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show for the first time earlier this week, she was also joined by M.I.A. who spoke a bit more about the track and her future plans.

Sonically Go Off brings M.I.A.’s familiar tough, chant-like vocals as well as hypnotic melodies and a militant beat. With just an edge of Skrillex in the dark hints of jungle and dubstep, the track is still heavy with M.I.A.’s roots in Asian culture.

Speaking to Annie Mac, she confirmed that the album is likely to be her final one. Not that M.I.A. expects to stop making music, but she is looking to “go do some other stuff and take some time off”. Talking about her new record, she says how it all came together after the release of Borders.

Also mentioning “mad people” who came together to make the album, M.I.A. describes it as her “cleanest” record to date. Known for hefty political and social commentary, she maintains that AIM will show her “glass half full” side with no complaints. Following the incredible clip for Borders, she does promise a video for Go Off. But she warns that this time she didn’t want to feature any people – after working with a thousand extra and a crew of one hundred and twenty five people for Borders, she says she can’t deal with humans just yet!

Image: fuse.tv