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LISTEN: Left. Break Down a Dying Friendship on “Slow Release”

Sydney two-piece Left. have returned with a new single, Slow Release, documenting the flames and embers left at the end of a once-sisterly friendship between two females, described on their Soundcloud as, “one of the most convoluted and emotional relationship dynamics in existence.” I can only imagine this is based on a true story; beneath the dancey vibes and catchy percussion, the lyrics tell a completely relatable story of that realisation that there’s someone in your life who shouldn’t be there anymore. Like it or not, we’ve all been there.

The vocals of frontwoman Sarah Corry ring out with a sizzling, seething clarity, leading the way atop meticulously produced instrumental layers and a housey, almost jungle-inspired rhythm.

The pair have said that this track is their favourite to date, and I feel that many fans are bound to agree. The track tackles an intimate (not to mention quite unique) theme through its icy melody, while the beats and gorgeous production make it club-ready all the while.

Keep an eye out for tour dates announced soon.


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Image: Soundcloud