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Kanye West Is Hiring 17 People And One Of Them Could Be You

If you follow anything to do with sneakers, hip-hop or pop culture in general, you have no doubt heard of Kanye West‘s line of shoes. The Yeezy brand is a collaboration between the iconic Chicago rapper and Adidas. It was recently announced that the brand was getting its own dedicated team and retailers, a response to the growing demand, which saw lines snaking around buildings and shoes selling out in hours upon each new release.

This significantly more comprehensive deal, which is to include the full Yeezy range of “footwear, apparel and accessories for all genders across street and sport,” and marks a new milestone in Kanye’s career. As passionate about fashion as he has been about hip-hop, it looks as though he’s really taking it to the next level now, and he’s got a lot of support and a lot of money behind him.

When Yeezys drop. (Source: MTV)

When Yeezys drop. (Source: MTV)

In fact, Adidas has already begun to post job ads for the Yeezy team, advertising 17 positions on the brand’s job listing site. The positions range from “Design Director” to “Director of Communications and Activations,” with a full range of creative design positions for footwear and apparel, product management, marketing and even public relations. Interested candidates are able to apply directly to the website, but you’ll have to relocate to Portland, Oregon, if you’re successful.

This is obviously a dream opportunity for any sneaker-head and ‘Ye fan, and I do not envy whoever gets to sift through what will no doubt be hundreds of applications for the chance to work on such a highly-publicised brand.

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