Jean Grae Drops Single Behind New “Black Panther” Movie

Jean Grae fka What? What? has premiered her new track What You Came For that will accompany the upcoming Ta-Nehisi Coates‘ revival Marvel film Black Panther. Just like the Black Panther series, Grae’s track features the Brooklyn MC asserting her own strength and power, pushing her way through obstacles to ultimately triumph.

What You Came For is produced by Quelle Chris and soundtracks the third promo video for the A Nation Under Our Feet storyline. You can listen to the track below and check out an official video for it on Jean Grae’s Bandcamp.

“The amount of things recently that have made my heart soar are very minimal. It’s been a traumatic, gut-wrenching time. Getting the call to be a part of this project did make my heart soar,” Grae said of the track. “Getting a call from Marvel to do anything should do that, and it does—but it’s Black Panther, and Ta-Nehisi is writing it. I can’t think of any other artistic contribution that I would have wanted to do right now.”

The new and live action Black Panther movie is still two years away from seeing the screens, but the two year wait will be made just a little bit sweeter with this and more tracks like it. Mobb Deep MC Prodigy’s Beast With It collaboration with Brooklyn musician Mark the Beast, soundtracked the second promo for the A Nation Under Our Feet storyline, while Run The Jewels provided the music for the first promo video.

Image: BandCamp