Could It Be? Jay Electronica’s Album Might be Out Within 40 Days

It’s been one hell of a wait for fans hoping to get a sequel to Jay Electronica‘s 2007 mixtape The Pledge, but in an unexpected turn of events, it turns out we might be in for a treat in the coming weeks.

The New Orleans emcee has been frusratingly quiet in recent years, including a last-minute cancellation at Splendour in the Grass last year. However, he did manage to drop The Curse Of Mayweather in February, a powerful track which fired shots at esteemed rappers Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent, and recently featured on one of the best albums of the year (even though it’s technically a mixtape), Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book

Throughout the years we’ve been fooled by Jay’s ever-hopeful words. In 2011 he said, “Album soon come. I will not let any of you down. I promise. I will not let any of you down. I promise.” Five years later, we are still waiting.

Now, though, there is another a glimmer of hope, with Jay taking to Twitter to send out some ever so optimistic news. Explaining that “every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts,” he describes his vision for a trilogy of tapes. The first, the five-track-deep mixtape titled The Pledge, and the second being the (hopefully) soon to be released The Turn where “the magician takes something ordinary and makes it do something extraordinary.”

The real kicker came from next: “To all of you who have been patient with me and supported me over the years, thank you. And get #Tidal #AreYouWatchingClosely”

So, fans, get Tidal within the next 40 days:


This is undoubtably the biggest confirmation from Jay that we’ve heard since The Pledge, so this better lead somewhere special. That said, Jay then deleted his Twitter account, so let’s hope he’s planning to return with something up his sleeve – and that something damn well better be an album.

Read the full list of Twitter messages below, and be sure to keep an eye out for… Whatever it may be.






Image: Soul’d Out